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Re-introduce EduAfya, Kakamega resident plea to Government

As the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023 that repeals National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and established 3 new funds is set to come into effect, stakeholders across the country continue to air their view.

During a session held in Kakamega town, some participants urged the government not to discard the EduAfya for students.

The participants complained that the scheme, under the National Hospital Insurance Find (NHIF) and which came to an end on December 31, 2023, has left more than 3.4 million learners without a medical cover.

Another participant Jentrix Wangila, took issue with a clause requiring persons aged above 25 years without income or living with the contributor being treated a household separate from the contributor to pay Sh300 per month.

Wangila argued that many youth across the country falling under that bracket were unemployed, hence they risk being discriminated against.

“Living with a person who is 25 years old and above is regarded as a household and is therefore expected to stand on his or her own, what if the person is unemployed?” posed Wangila.

Some of the salaried workers also raised concern over the proposed 2.75 per cent monthly deduction, saying this will expose them to higher deductions towards funding healthcare insurance.

However, people in the informal sector who have been paying Sh500 per month will enjoy a 40 percent reduction in contribution to Sh300, going by draft.

Kakamega Central County Deputy Commissioner Ngalia Ndaya said government was keen to streamline health care in the country and asked the residents to support the initiative,

The new health scheme is set to come into effect as from March 1, 2024 after conclusion of public hearings.

Social Health Authority (SHA) will replace the National Health Insurance Fund, pegged on the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023.

By George Kaiga

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