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Reconstruction of Lake Kanyaboli dyke to take three weeks

Western Regional Commissioner Irungu Macharia has expressed the government’s commitment in addressing the Lake Kanyaboli water menace.

Speaking to the press during an inspection visit to the Lake on Thursday, Macharia said that the government had already mobilized three lorry tippers and one shovel from NYS Kisumu.

“We are still mobilizing for more equipment because we have been told that we require 10 tippers, a dozer, and three more shovels,’ he said, adding that a team of engineers has also been brought to the site.

Macharia added that advice from experts indicate that once the required equipment has been mobilized, the construction of a coffer dam will be completed within the next three to four weeks to prevent the dam water from moving downstream.

“The reconstruction of this dam will however take much longer,’ he said, adding that all stakeholders should work together to ensure that those affected receive humanitarian support.

The RC further said that once the dyke has been reconstructed, there will be need for continuous monitoring to ensure that it meets the recommended standards.

“As you can see, this dyke was very narrow but there will be a need to expand it so that it can withstand large volumes of water in future,” he said, adding that spill ways should also be well maintained to allow smooth flow of water.

Busia Governor Paul Otuoma said that there was a need to fast-track the reconstruction works so that the Lake does not continue to cause environmental havoc.

The Assistant Director Commanding National Youth Service Office Kisumu, William Otieno said that five more tippers will be available for the work on Monday.

“If the Regional Commissioner and County Government of Busia are willing to work together and all the required resources are available, the NYS team is very ready to work, “he said reiterating that the reconstruction works will take three to four weeks.

Otieno explained that a number of NYS officers are currently engaged in the recruitment exercise and they will actively take part in the reconstruction works from Monday next week.

The multi-agency team later visited Bunyala Central and Bunyala South wards to assess the magnitude of the damage caused by the ravaging waters of Lake Kanyaboli.

At least 3,000 households have been affected by the waters with around 8,000 acres of maize crop submerged.

By Salome Alwanda

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