Red cross unveils Sh9.4million cholera treatment project

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The Kenya Red Cross Society has launched a three-month Cholera treatment project to augment the efforts of the Department of Health as the death toll increased to 17 since the outbreak in November.

Tana River Department of Health is grappling with a myriad of challenges as infections surge every day, in the last 24 hours Madogo and Bura had four and two new cholera cases reported respectively.

According to the Department of Health, cholera is spreading to the outskirts of Bura town and the densely populated Mororo slums in Madogo.

Bura Cholera Treatment Unit (CTU) lacks beds while the CTU at Madogo is porous due to the lack of a perimeter wall. The health workers are overwhelmed by the outbreak.

“The Outbreak of cholera started in Madogo in November last year, we have been working closely with the department of health. KRCS is complementing the efforts of the department of health.

We got Sh9.4 million for a three-month project to contain the disease,’’ said Tana River Red Cross Coordinator Jerald Bombe during the inception meeting with health stakeholders drawn from Bura and Madogo in Hola.

The Red Cross project will strengthen surveillance at the community level as a report from the department shows that the disease is spreading to the outskirts of Bura town.

Through the project, Red Cross will train 162 volunteers on epic module, and conduct door-to-door and community-wide sensitization on cholera prevention.

Chiefs and village elders will also be sensitized and radio talk shows will be conducted says Tana River Red Cross Coordinator Jerald Bombe.

“We will procure and distribute medical and nonmedical supplies, recruit two clinical officers, three nurses, two public health officers, and one Pharmatech for 60 days through discussion with the County Government,” said Bombe.

Support staff working in CTUs will be trained on basic facts on cholera management, and five casual laborers will be engaged in decontamination services in Madogo and Bura CTUs for 90 days.

Deputy County Commissioner Lenkarie Joseph represented the County Commissioner in the meeting extolled the Red Cross for the timely intervention to avert further loss of lives.

“As the National Government we have informed our chiefs to work in tandem with Public health officers to sensitize the community. We are asking residents of Bura and Madogo to maintain hygiene. We will ensure the project is impactful to the community,” Lenkarie said.

DCC Lenkarie added that chiefs and Public Health Officers have been directed to regulate eateries in the affected areas until the outbreak is contained.

By Sadik Hassan

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