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Registration exercise kicks off in Homa Bay County

Registration of Homa Bay County residents in the National Integrated Identification Management System (NIIMS) kicked off well Wednesday after having initial logistical challenges.
Speaking to KNA, Homa Bay County Commissioner Samson Irungu said the county had only 262 registration kits during the national launch of the exercise by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday.
The kits were being used by registration clerks during their training exercise.
However more kits were delivered to the county Wednesday morning and immediately dispatched to all eight sub counties.
Irungu said the official launch of the exercise in the area will be held on April 11 at Kendu Bay show ground.
Up to 1.6 million people from Homa Bay are expected to be registered during the exercise.
The county commissioner said all sub counties have been given daily registration targets.
In Homa Bay, 3309 people will be registered every day, 2,823 people in Rangwe, 4,624 people will be registered in Suba South while Ndhiwa will record 6,903 registrations daily.
Up to 3,456 people will be registered in Mbita daily, 4,047 in Rachuonyo East, 6,734 in Rachuonyo North and 517 people will be registered in Rachuonyo South every day.
At the same time Irungu warned the residents to be vigilant not to be conned by criminals who masquarade as registration clerks.
“Some people will take advantage of the exercise to engage in criminal activities. Residents are told to be cautious to avoid getting into traps,” he said.
By Dan Oduor

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