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Registration office runs short of registration materials

As the rush for acquisition of birth certificates continues, the Marakwet West Registrar of Births and Deaths office has run short of registration materials and certificates.

Marakwet West and East Sub County Registrar Mr. Vincent Onyango, noted that currently there is a shortage of registration materials which are application forms and as well as the blank birth certificates required for all registrations to happen.

The registrar noted that ideally, it is supposed to be a one-day service but currently its taking a week or two for the process to be completed.

Because the shortage of birth certificates materials is causing delay as he has been forced to go collect the forms from headquarters, he advised applicants to come back at a later date.

An average of 300 hundred registrations are processed by the office on a daily basis compared to other times when the office handled ten to twenty clients in a month making the office staff of three struggle at the moment.

He also disclosed that revenue collected from the exercise has risen from Sh15, 000 per month to Sh150,000 in the month of January and February the increase is being attributed to the high number of candidates registering for the national examinations.

Onyango however assured all applicants that their requests will be processed while priority will be given to students.

He noted that students can fill the forms and comeback for them later; also arrangements have been made so that the school principals can pick for their students and assistant chiefs are also allowed to pick for their sub location.

Commenting on the rush the officer advised parents to always register their children at birth or come early because when everyone comes at the same time it becomes a challenge to his office.

By Rennish Okong’o

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