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Registration officials asked to embrace accuracy

Chiefs and their assistant chiefs have been urged to maintain accuracy when capturing details of persons during registration of persons for effective service delivery.

Speaking during a sensitization forum on Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) and Digital ID held at the County Commissioner’s Boardroom, West Pokot County National Registration Bureau Officer Christine Obwaku said accurate data entry will give residents access to government services without delays.

Obwaku mentioned that some citizens find it difficult to access various services whenever their documents pose contradictory information calling on the registration officials to be keen when documenting the individual data.

“When you give wrong information, it means you are sabotaging the government which is very wrong. It is very disturbing when someone fails to get services because you failed to guide them to give the correct information,” she stated.

She explained that her office relies a lot on what the chiefs and their assistants give because they live amongst the community members they serve.

Ms. Obwaku urged the registration assistants to embrace truthfulness to avoid inconveniencing other government sectors reiterating that consistency of information provided on various registration documents makes work easier.

“We should move away from the culture of shortcuts. Always follow the right procedure to get the correct data from your clients. If we give correct information then work becomes so easy,” she advised.

She explained that the success of Maisha Number will depend on the integrity of the registration processes.

She asked the chiefs and their assistants to mobilise all those residents who have attained the age of 18 years to acquire identification cards noting that some rush to get the document when their children are demanded to have birth certificates during school enrolments only.

County Civil Registrations Services Officer Walter Murunga appealed to the chiefs and their assistants to map out their areas to ensure children born in their areas have birth certificates on time.

Murunga noted that once the rollout of the Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) is implemented, every child born will be registered in real-time.

Sensitisation and Public participation forums started today with chiefs and their assistants being asked to cascade the messages through public barazas and meetings.

By Richard Muhambe

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