Relief as Kajiado residents receive allotment letters

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Hundreds of residents of Singiraine, Ilooldokilani ward in Kajiado County can now seek loans using land documents as collateral in commercial banks.

Over 300 residents, who own plots within the trading center, were issued with allotment letters to secure their property by the County Government.

Some 15 public institutions including primary and secondary schools, dispensaries and churches were also issued with the documents to guard them against land grabbing.

The allotment letters have extra security features aimed at protecting genuine land owners from fraudsters thus aid in curbing rampant land fraud cases.

Speaking after issuing the titles, Deputy Governor, Martin Moshisho, revealed that financial institutions will accept the allotment letters as collateral for loans as they had been authenticated in a straightforward process.

He said the plots were secured, surveyed and allotted by the county land registry to deter fraudsters in a process that started three years ago.

“These allotment letters are proof of land ownership. With the title, you can now develop your plots for commercial activities and secure loans from banks and other financial institutions,” he said.

He revealed that it was the first time the residents of Singiraine were receiving the allotment letters and they could now develop prime acres of land that has been lying idle for years.

Lands County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Hamilton Parseina, noted that the issuance of the allotment letters will curb fraud in the land’s department and weed out unscrupulous brokers.

He said double allocation of land would now be a thing of the past as the allotment letters have extra security features thus genuine land owners would now be sure that their property is protected.

Parseina called on the locals not to sell their land but instead develop them so as to empower themselves economically.

The CECM reaffirmed the County Government’s commitment in protecting and defending public and private land from unscrupulous brokers and corrupt land officials.

He added that they had recovered many acres of public land that had been grabbed by private developers.

By Rop Janet

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