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Relief as new bridge offers hope

It was a sigh of relief for residents of Marachi Central Ward after the area MP Joseph Maero Oyula launched the construction of a vital bridge connecting seven villages in flood-prone areas.

The initiative comes after the old bridge was rendered impassable due to heavy rains that paralyzed business and school operations forcing residents to use alternative routes to reach their destinations

It had been a nightmare for many years for the residents of Sikoma, Sibale, Bumutiru, Mudasi, Lunyiko, Musoma, and Ibada villages who could not hide their joy during the launch of the new bridge ahead of the expected long rainy seasons when the situation worsened.

The meteorological department had foreseen that the construction would come barely two months before the anticipated long rains accessioned by flash floods

Students of Sikoma Primary, Sikoma Secondary, Bumutiru Primary, and Bumutiru Secondary will now afford to rush home during the lunch break for a bite with ease without any fear and pushing their parents to bring lunch to them at school.

Speaking to KNA at Sikoma village, Esther Adhiambo narrates how costly it has been to her as a parent escorting her children to schools during the rainy season and sometimes being forced to remain at home with them.

“Crossing River Liyala during the rainy season was a nightmare, at times water will paralyze the learning for our students for weeks as we wait for the water to capsize,” noted Adhiambo.

“Every morning I was forced to ensure I swim with my children across the river on their way to Bumutiru primary during the rainy season just to quench their thirst for education,” she added.

The sentiments were echoed by John Ouma a fresh vegetable businessman at Butula market who narrated how his business was hampered during the rainy season applauding the area MP for intervention.

“Sometimes our farm produce here at Bumutiri used to be destroyed due to infrastructure challenges, but with the construction of this bridge, it will widen the market for our farm produce,” Ouma said.

Hon. Oyula, while addressing the press, said good infrastructure enhances connectivity, opening up business opportunities while linking up important segments that are inevitable to residents.

By Absalom Namwalo

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