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Relief for needy students in Kajiado as they receive bursaries

Over 2000 students from needy backgrounds in Kajiado Central Constituency have benefitted from Sh 30 Million bursaries from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) kitty.

Area Member of Parliament Elijah Memusi, while handing over the cheques to the beneficiaries, noted that the bursaries are set to benefit students in secondary schools, colleges and those in the universities.

Memusi revealed that each student in secondary school would receive a cheques of  Sh10,000 while those in colleges and universities would each get Sh 20,000.

“Primary school education is free in the country that is why for this project we are targeting mostly students in secondary schools and those in colleges and universities,” said Memusi.

The MP said priority in disbursement of the bursaries was given to needy students from unstable families, single parent families, orphans and those living with disabilities.

He warned that the bursary is intended to benefit the truly needy students and not individuals and that the funds were equally distributed to students in all the five wards of the constituency.

“This is not a project to enrich oneself. The NGCDF officials should ensure that the cheques find their way to the intended beneficiaries. When we educate a student from the community, we empower the community by protecting our future leaders,” said the Legislator.

Memusi advised the students to work hard in school so that they can have a better future and change their lives.

According to Kajiado Central NGCDF officer Joel Koln, the vetting process for those applying for the bursaries includes appearing before a committee that comprises the Location chief, Nyumba kumi chairpersons and local members of the community.

            “Every location in the constituency has a committee that vets needy students and forwards the names of successful applicants to our offices. We use these committees because they are more familiar with the residents and they know who needs help the most,” said Koln.

by Rop Janet

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