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Relief for residents as bridge is constructed

Residents of Murera and Biashara wards in Juja and Ruiru constituencies have a reason to smile after the Kiambu County government began the construction of a bridge that connects the two constituencies along the Ruiru River.

The Sh16 million Ruiru-Mugutha bridge will end the challenges of movement and scores of deaths that have occurred in the past as residents fell and drowned, while crossing the river, especially during rainy seasons.

The bridge is expected to be complete in three months’ time. Already, concreting of the beams and casting of the slab is ongoing.

Residents led by Amos Mugo lauded the project saying it would not only ease movement of people and goods but also improve trade between the two constituencies.

They said over the years, several people, especially drunkards and the elderly, have died while attempting to cross the river, making it to be referred to as the killer bridge.

“We have tried to construct makeshift wooden bridges through our small contributions, but they are washed away by floods. Crossing the makeshift bridges has been a challenge especially for children, the elderly and drunkards and we have lost quite a number of people who drown while attempting to cross the river especially during rainy seasons,” said John Mugo, a Juja resident.

Ngatha Wambiri, another resident who works on the other side of the river said she has been crossing the bridge each day, but it has been challenging especially at night.

She said during rainy seasons, their operations are paralyzed or they have to swim in the raging waters to the other side of the river.

By Muoki Charles

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