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Relief to Farmers as County Government Delivers Affordable Tractor Ploughing Services

Efforts to boost food production have been intensified after the County Government of Kilifi rolled out affordable tractor-ploughing services for farmers in the region as they prepare their farms for the next planting season.

The subsidized tractor ploughing programme is a collaborative effort between the Kilifi County Government and the Ministry of Agriculture to enhance Global Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards to bolster food production.

Speaking during a visit to farmers at Lutsangani Village, County Executive Committee (CEC) Member for Agriculture Peter Mwagona announced that nine tractors have been dispatched to various areas in Chonyi Sub County to deliver the services.

Mwagona said that the programme targets farmers facing financial constraints, ensuring equitable access to mechanized farming tools adding that farmers will access ploughing services at a minimal fee of Sh1,750 per acre, which is significantly lower than the cost charged by private tractor services.

“To alleviate the burden of ploughing, we are introducing the subsidized tractors programme for Kilifi County farmers. These tractors will be available at a reasonable fee, enabling farmers to prepare their land efficiently for planting,” he said.

Registration for the programme has been opened to all farmers, with each farmer eligible for ploughing services up to two acres of land. This inclusive approach aims to ensure equitable distribution of services across the farming community, without favoring any particular farm over another.

Kilifi County Agriculture Chief Officer Teddy Yawa highlighted plans to plough approximately 70 acres in Mtwapa for maize cultivation to ensure a steady supply of food during the dry season.

Lutsangani farmers led by Thoya Chikumbo expressed their gratitude to the County government saying the ploughing programme will boost their efforts to increase food production for subsistence and commercial purposes.

“We appreciate the Kilifi County Government for coming up with this programme. We are now getting our farms ready for the upcoming planting season,” he said.

As Kilifi farmers gear up for the planting season, the commencement of the affordable tractor ploughing programme marks a significant step towards modernizing agricultural practices, enhancing productivity, and ensuring food security for the region.

With the support of the County government, farmers are poised to embark on a journey towards sustainable farming and economic empowerment.

By Jackson Msanzu and Kassim Hamisi

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