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Remember vulnerable groups during celebrations

Nyamira residents have been to remember and celebrate the Christmas season with vulnerable members of their communities and families.

Nicholas Rioki, Nyamira South Sub County Social Development Officer cited disabled persons and the elderly as the most vulnerable groups in communities, struggling to meet their basic needs, hence may not even distinguish normal days from Christmas celebrations.

Rioki urged individuals with festive spending privileges to extend love and support to vulnerable members of the community,

The development officer further emphasized the therapeutic benefits of small acts of kindness to the less privileged, highlighting the lasting bond and love formed between the giver and recipient.

He confirmed that the government has already disbursed money for the cash transfer programme for the month of November to those who receive the stipend and advised them to use the resources wisely.

Rioki said though perceived to be meager, the stipend is able to save the beneficiaries from more suffering because their most basic needs like food and health care are met, courtesy of the cash transfer programme.

The official further clarified that those registered in last September needed to be patient because their data is still being scrutinized and captured in the program’s system, affirming that the government will eventually communicate on the next course of action, immediately data verification is done.

He urged the would be beneficiaries not panic because the report on their registration status will be out soon.

By Deborah Bochere

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