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Renowned blood donor celebrates 100th blood donation

Renowned blood donor Ambassador for the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services (KNBTS), Alpha Sanya, today donated his historic 100th, pint of blood, at the Nakuru regional blood centre.

Sanya who started donating blood in 1983 when he was a form three student at Jamhuri High school in Nairobi, has continued with the practice, that made him to be declared a blood donor ambassador by the ministry of health.

Speaking today at the Centre, he said at first he used to donate only once a year, but in the last ten years, he has been donating three times per year.

Sanya said while there are several physical benefits of donating blood such as free screening, the most powerful health advantage is the psychological excitement of knowing that someone, somewhere, will get the help they needed desperately.

The blood donor ambassador added that donating blood regularly has made him appreciate and embrace a number of volunteer works for his community because giving one’s time freely was the greatest reward for humanity.

Appealing to other Kenyans to follow his selfless example, he said, seven people require blood transfusion every ten minutes according to the KNBTS database.

However, he said the country suffers a shortage of supply with only 16 per cent of the blood needed in the country being collected annually.

The officer-in-charge of Nakuru blood centre, Irene Orgut, said it costs them Sh.10, 000 to collect a pint of blood, through transportation, advertising, cajoling donors, and screening.

Hence, she added, if the 100 pints of blood Sanya has donated were to be monetized, he has willingly donated Sh 1,000,000 to the government, without earning anything back and without complaining.

Sanya said it was important for every citizen to consider participating in any volunteer work that they value because it improves the image of the country.

He said: “My simple act of regularly donating blood has earned me an ambassadorial status in the country, what more would l ask?’’

By Veronica Bosibori and Wamboi Muniu