Monday, January 30, 2023
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Request for sanitizers

The Chairman of People Living with Disability (PWD) in Nakuru County Joseph Ogutu has appealed to the government to supply them with more sanitisers and gloves to enable take precautions in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.
Ogutu said the metal wheelchairs and walking crutches used by disabled persons require frequent sanitization because the Coronavirus has been proven by scientists to stick to metals for six to nine hours.
The PWD chairman said unlike other people, they were more vulnerable due to the walking aides they use for their mobility, and added that as much as they are doing everything possible to self-quarantine, they have families whom they cater for.
He commended the government for the efforts in combating the pandemic and assured the officials that they were doing everything possible to create awareness for their members through social media.
He, however appealed for foodstuff since a number of their members are unemployed and lack regular income. He was speaking to KNA today during an interview in Nakuru town.
Ogutu also appealed to parents and relatives not to mistreat their disabled children during quarantine by abusing and belittling them, noting that such careless treatment may lead to a number of them getting depressed.
“Those in school, just like any other child should be given a chance to listen to radio and TV teachers, since the syllabus is the same, and when taking selfies, please include them,’’ he said.
Ogutu added that one omission in families with disabled children or siblings was that they were always left out of family photographs, and it was almost impossible to see them displayed on social media forums.
He added that such omissions should be categorized as psychological torture by parents and siblings to their family members.
“It’s unfortunate that even our family members tend to acknowledge our presence, only when successful, at other times we are treated as a necessary evil,’’ he stated.
He urged the families and communities to extend love and support to them during the pandemic since they suffer more than the ordinary person does.
By Veronica Bosibori

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