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Residents asked to be alert of land fraudsters

The government has not degazetted Mautuma settlement scheme in Lugari Sub-County as purported by some people.

During a public Baraza in Murugus Sub-Location, Mautuma Location, Lugari Deputy County Commissioner Moses Gicharu told residents to be wary of land fraudsters who were moving around soliciting funds from residents assuring them that they would be allocated land in the government-owned scheme.

Gicharu pointed out that anyone claiming to be enlisting people for land allocation is a conman and should be reported to government security agencies.

He regretted that a number of people had lost hard-earned money to land fraudsters who run a highly organized land fraud syndicate.

The DCC reiterated that Mautuma Settlement Scheme was part of the government-owned Lugari Forest and claims of its degazettement were not true.

Gicharu reminded the people that his office was open within working hours to handle issues related to land, especially government forests.

“Please come to my office for clarification on land issues or you can call me if the matter is urgent and I’ll direct you appropriately,” the DCC said.

Commissioner Gicharu also pointed out that public officers involved in the unlawful soliciting of funds from the public with the promise of land allocation would not be tolerated.

“Once my office has compelling evidence that you are involved in this land fraud syndicate, then necessary action will be taken against such government officers,” he said.

He regretted that for years, innocent poor locals have lost their hard-earned resources worth millions of shillings to land fraud schemes which they would have otherwise invested elsewhere to uplift their economic lives.

“Some of us here have failed to pay a small lunch programme fee for our children in secondary schools but regrettably we have been swindled by land fraud schemes,” Gicharu observed.

The DCC further noted that he would hold public barazas in every Location in Lugari Sub-County to engage the public on government development and security programs and demystify issues not well understood by the locals including land-related questions.

He also assured residents that government security organs were investigating land fraud syndicates in the Sub-County saying legal action will be taken against those found guilty.

By Geoffrey Satia


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