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Residents call for sensitisation on health insurance

Kasipul Constituency residents are calling for proper sensitisation on the newly introduced health insurance programmes, Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF).

The Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) is set to replace the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Some of the residents reached by KNA said they are unaware of the new insurance scheme and they now want the government to sensitise them of this development in the health sector.

“I did not know there was something called SHIF but from its name I can tell it is related to NHIF. I do not have a television or even a Smartphone to bring the message on such things,” said Hezborn Omollo, a resident.

Hellena Atieno, an elderly resident said that she would like to be part of such a healthcare plan but nobody is guiding her.

“I see the monthly contribution is good for us, I would immediately register and be a part of it,” she said.
Despite many residents lack of understanding of the new health insurance Oliver Otieno, a health practitioner at Kosele medical Centre termed SHIF a great opportunity for quality healthcare services.

“Now the government needs to cover the gaps that weighed down NHIF,” he said.

Josephine Ndago, a trained nurse and practicing in one of the hospitals in Kasipul Constituency expressed her support for the new health insurance saying it’s a good programme

She however said the government needed to create effective public awareness initiatives to reach all the citizens deep in the villages to benefit from the initiative once it’s fully implemented.

“Not everyone can get hold of media outlets used for creating awareness of such programme. The government should find an effective way to communicate to all its citizens to be part of the programme,” she said.

By Linda Were

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