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Residents cautioned against selling land illegally

Two government officials have warned Maasai men against selling their land casually, while urging them to involve their families in all land deals.
Addressing residents from Morijo in Loita Narok South during the inauguration of Fred Kipai as the new Assistant Chief of the area Saturday, Internal Security Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Patrick Ole Ntutu lamented that a large number of land cases in the area and the county at large were pending before courts due to family land disputes.
“These land disputes have caused a lot of suffering to families after the head of the home sells the family land or part of it without involving the rest of the family,” he said.
Ntutu also lashed out at rogue lawyers whom he said have been capitalizing on the delay and fleecing the ignorant members of the public of their money.
He directed the county commissioner Mr. Samuel Kimiti and other leaders to work with residents in finding a solution to these land disputes.
“I’m asking the County Commissioner to work hand in hand with the two Deputy County Commissioners from Narok West and Narok South and resolve these land issues.” Ntutu said.
Mr. Kimiti also warned the residents against being duped by unscrupulous people into illegally selling their parcels of lands saying it was one of the main causes of the disputes.
He warned those found engaging in such illegal transactions that they will be apprehended and prosecuted.
“I’m sending a warning to those individuals who are selling pieces of land without following the right procedures which is through the Land Control Board, we will arrest you and charge you,” Kimiti said.
The area has seen an increase in land disputes especially at the boundary between Naroosura and Leshuta wards and now both the national and county governments have now shifted their attention to the area to try and resolve these disputes.
The county commissioner further warned the residents against using the Special Land Control Board which he said was disbanded in 2005 and is not recognized by the law, saying those claiming to be members of the disbanded board were masqueraders who were out to con ordinary wananchi.
On his part, Charles Nkiton, who is the area MCA also urged the members of public to follow the right protocol when selling or buying land and ensure that they involve their family members when doing so.
He further warned against the invasion of the Loita Forest since it is a major water tower in the region and its destruction would affect millions of lives both human beings and wildlife.
Narosura ward MCA, Saidimu Kudate who was also present at the function supported the ideology on conservation of the Loita forest as he called for the residents to preserve it for the future generations.
The leaders in the meeting further called on the Maasai community as a whole to join hands against FGM, citing it as a violation of human rights and that they should stop the archaic cultural practice.
By Mabel Keya-Shikuku / Alvin Muriithi

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