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Residents convert homes into bars to beat Covid-19 restrictions

A new trend has emerged in Lodwar where residents are converting their homes into drinking dens to beat the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines courting the risk of infection.


Turkana Central Deputy County Commissioner Alexander Mativo said residents are buying beer and other alcoholic beverages and consuming them in groups in their homes.


“We have noted a new trend where bodaboda operators and other motorists are buying beer and other alcoholic beverages from beer depots and transporting them to their homes where they are consumed by revelers in groups,” Mativo said.


He said there has been an increase in takeaway drinks in the town especially beer which had not been the norm previously.


The administrator regretted that these beer parties are done in blatant disregard of the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.


“Some people think they are punishing the government by doing so but we want to tell them that these guidelines are for their own good,” he added.


Since Covid-19 pandemic was reported in Kenya, the government closed clubs and sale of beer and only allowed wines and spirits outlets to sell takeaways.


Speaking at Ekaales Center in Lodwar during an occasion to mark the African Public Service Week on Friday, Mativo said other guidelines include handwashing with soap, social distancing and wearing of facemasks.


He warned that those found violating the rules would be arrested and quarantined.


Mativo at the same time urged residents to plant trees to increase forest cover and conserve the environment.


This year’s theme was enhancing good governance and promoting transparency in public institutions.



By Peter Gitonga

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