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Residents cooperate with security agencies as curfew starts

Turkana county residents were cooperative as the curfew started on Friday, county police commander Samuel Ndanyi said.
The exercise which started at 7pm left a majority of the residents closing their businesses and other duties and retiring to their homes by 7pm.
Ndanyi said the public sensitisation conducted by the national and county governments on the Covid -19 disease and curfew order issued by the Head of State largely contributed to the success of day one.
“By 7 pm almost all the residents were in their homes except for a few who wanted to defy just to see what action would be taken against them,” said Ndanyi.
He also said that some of the people who were out of their homes during the set times were attending to emergencies like taking people to hospitals and the others were those were exempted from the curfew like medics, petrol station attendants and journalists among others.
Interestingly, street children who have been an eyesore in the town disappeared.
The exercise was conducted by a multi-agency security team which included the county commissioner Muthama Wambua.
Wambua said the exercise would continue unless directed otherwise by the Head of State.
At the same time Ndanyi advised the residents to be heading to their homes in time to avoid last minute rush.
Residents hailed the security officers for upholding professionalism in the discharging of their duties.
No serious cases of police brutality was reported unlike other parts of the country where scenes of police brutality were captured by the press.
The curfew starts from to 7pm to 5 am.
By Peter Gitonga

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