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Residents embrace gardening hobby

A number of people in Nakuru town have taken up gardening as a hobby and flower seeds are being bought more often than before, which has even surprised supermarkets.

An author and expert in gardening, Mrs. Sushi Shah said on Tuesday that gardening was a hobby that fills everyone with joy and for her, it was the most intimate pleasure and no other hobby provides such satisfying recreation.

Speaking to KNA she said gardening was both a science and an art. “The science leads us to understand plants, their structure, function and behaviour. The art concerns the selection of plants, their planting and arranging them in subtle harmonies of colour, proportion, and form, that delight the senses and nourishes the soul,’’ she stated.

She added that it was vital that families get hobbies which keep them occupied and fortify their togetherness during this trying period of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Mrs. Shah  said there was general awakening in gardening, especially in the potted-plants, however, she noted that many beginners lack basic knowledge, hence the reason for the authoring of a book known as Gardening Guide in Kenya.

But  she said the sale of the book will assist in raising money for the ‘Lions Clubs’ and the proceeds will be used to support the differently-enabled members of society.

Linda Bisieri who has taken up gardening as a hobby said it has not only changed the look of her compound but it has occupied all free time to the extent that she hardly remembers the sorrows coronavirus has inflicted on her finances.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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