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Residents of Homa Bay benefit from free medical camp

A swedish organization dubbed, Vision For All (VFA) has come to the aid of thousands of residents of Homa Bay with eye problems.

The organization has embarked on a two-week free medical camp with a team of seven ophtalmologists who have pitched tent at Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The team leader Lars Ekstom said so far they have screened and treated more than 800 residents.

Ekstom said the majority of patients were elderly persons with cataracts and glaucoma which affect their vision.

He said they are focusing on screening, treatment and provision of reading glasses for the patients.

The exercise was undertaken in collaboration with the Homa Bay government.

“I urge residents, especially people who have reached 60 years old, to periodically go for eye checkups. This will enable them to have early detection and operation of cataracts before it matures,” Ekstom said.

Speaking during the exercise Friday, Ekstom cautioned residents against exposing themselves to too much sunlight as this interferes their eyesight.

He said dusty environments and washing face with dirty water among others were found to be contributing to eye disorders.

“We advise everybody to take care of their eyes by using clean water all the time. They should also avoid substances that cause eye allergies,” he added.

An ophtalmologist at the hospital Francis Ochieng said they screened many residents and conducted surgical operations on more than 30 patients who had serious eye complications.

He encouraged the residents to visit health facilities for regular eye checkups so that they can get treatment as early as possible to curb eye complications.

The medic called on the people with diabetes and hypertension to go for regular checkups. Quary workers and welders were also urged to go for regular eye checkups.

“Let residents with red, itching eye and teary eyes to visit hospital for checkups.  Spectacles are recommended for patients with some of the eye conditions,” Ochieng said.

Beneficiaries Vitalis Okello and Effie Onura said they were given spectacles.

“I wasn’t able to read books with small writings such as the bible, but I am able now because I have been given the right spectacles,” he said.

Onura said many residents were suffering silently from eye problems because they lacked money for treatment.

“The free medical camp has come at the right time. I urge the organization and the county government to organize such camps regularly,” she said.

By Davis Langat 

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