Residents scared as suspected wild animal kills sheep

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Residents of Salgaa Wednesday woke up to a startling scene after 20 sheep were killed by a suspected wild animal.

Carcasses of the goats were scattered all over following the incident even as residents expressed concern over their own safety.

Scared residents are now appealing to Kenya Wildlife Services officials to lay a trap for the animal which they suspect to be a leopard.

According to James Mungai Ngotho, who is the owner of the goats, they were killed in the night by the animal which then left the scene after having its fill. He said that he did not hear any commotion that would have prompted him to check on his livestock.

Area Chief Bernard Waweru Kamau said that the owner of the sheep had incurred a loss running into thousands of shillings.

He said that relevant authorities had already been notified about the incident and had embarked on their investigations.

He urged area residents to be on the lookout for the wild animal and appealed to whoever will spot it to report immediately so that it is captured.
He further urged residents to be extremely cautious whenever going about their activities and especially after dusk.

By Jane Ngugi

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