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Residents sensitized on effective community policing

Residents of Kaloleni-Shauri Moyo area in Kisumu County were sensitized on how to enhance their security issues improve security issues under the Community Policing Committees (CPC) structures from the cluster heads, sub- location and location levels.

Independent Medical Legal Unit (IMLU) Coordinator Caroline Shivachi underscored the key mandates of the institution to the participants which centre around on Prevention and Response.

“We are keen on checking the security trends, violation and protection of the human rights of citizens and the police officers,” Shivachi said as she vouched for the speedy creation of an efficient and effective CPC in the ward.

In this way, Shivachi observes that the residents would be able to enjoy the improved provision of security and hasten the pace of justice delivery amongst the vulnerable victims.

Of great significance, Shivachi noted that the CPCs would help in establishing and maintaining partnerships between the community and the Service.

Shivachi espoused Article 244 of the Constitution which provides that the police shall foster and promote relationships with the broader society.

“The National Police Service Act gives express powers and authority the In-charge of a Police Post, Station Commander or Ward Police Commander express powers and authority to constitute a CPC in consultation with the area stakeholders,” Shivachi explained when she addressed participants during a security forum held at the Arina Community Hall.

The move, Shivachi points out, will improve the rendering of police services to the community at local, county and national levels. The area CPC shall consist of representatives elected by concerned area residents in community policing forums from time to time to achieve its set purpose.

“CPC will be chaired by a civilian and shall include two persons each from the Persons Living with Disability, Faith-Based Organizations, Business Community, Institutions of Learning-Teachers-, Children’s Office, the Probation office, Ward Administrator, Boda Boda and Drivers Associations among others,” Shivachi clarified.

According to Shivachi, the CPC initiative will promote policing problem identification and policing problem-solving by the Service and the community.

With school-going children now on holiday and the festive seasons approaching, Shivachi encouraged the residents to protect the vulnerable and desist from obstructing justice to be meted out against the offenders.

Shivachi also lauded the Area Senior Chief Willis Onyona, CPC volunteers and the security officers for improving the public safety in the area.

Senior Chief Onyona reminded the residents that they are always ready to serve, as their phones are open 24/7. He also advised the mothers to stop withdrawing reported cases as this continues to taint the image of the chief and security team.

“We must always report cases within our area of jurisdiction for quick justice delivery,” stressed Chief Onyona.

Kondele Deputy OCS Mr. Julius Alekwa warned the residents from interfering with the school-going children and defiling them saying the long arm of the law will deal with them accordingly.

He assured that the security officers were on the lookout for the would-be offenders and called for constant engagements with the area community through holding meetings.

Attesting to this, Senior Sergeant Festus Alusiola in-charge of the Kaloleni Police Post, advised parents to educate their children to co-exist well in society, and reduce felonies during this school holiday. Alusiola cautioned the area community to avoid child molesting and desist from engaging in thuggery.

Maureen Awuor, a member of the Kondele Social Centre for Justice told the participants to shun Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in the area.

He urged the community leaders to show good leadership traits in order to promote their image and encouraged them to serve diligently.

Ann Ombewa, a resident, praised the event organizers and urged the residents to continue holding several meetings to consistently create awareness and sensitize the community.

“Let us come together as a family through concerted efforts to protect our children for a prosperous society,” emphasized Ombewa who is the Arina Estate Resident’s Welfare Association’s Secretary-General.

Safia Shaban of Winam Centre for Justice also reiterated that must always report defilement and incest cases to the police to protect both the boy and girl child from suffering in silence in our midst.

The security forum was also graced by the Acting Area Assistant Chief Nahashon Opiyo and the Village Administrator Charles Bore who stressed children’s protection from the molesters.

Shivachi implored upon the newly elected CPC members to uphold the pillars of the problem–solving, partnerships, community awareness, accountability and reforms.

By Rolex Omondi


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