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Residents urged to brace for heavy rains

Residents in Kisii County have been told to brace themselves for heavy rains in the remaining days of this week.

Kisii County Meteorological Director Mr. Henry Sese said that the county will continue to experience much rainfall, especially in the afternoons.

Speaking to KNA in his office yesterday, Sese said that in normal circumstances, the months of January and February normally experiences low rainfall but this year will be similar to the months of March to May when there is plenty of rain when there are flush floods and thunderstorms.

The Director attributed the change to global alterations in weather patterns as a result of climate change which is caused by the excessive production of greenhouse gases brought about by human activities such as improper waste disposal thus creating a blanket on the ozone layer which leads to global warming.

“Due to manifestation of climate change and moisture from the Southern part of Kenya, the Western part of the country, Kisii County included, should expect rainy and cold days throughout the week,” said Sese.

He called upon the residents to practice proper waste disposal methods and to plant more trees so as to absorb the carbon produced through human activities like use of aerosols and pesticides.

by Jane Naitore

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