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Residents urged to keep markets clean

Residents of Kolwa East ward have been urged to be at the forefront in ensuring that the local markets are kept clean.

A local philanthropist Engineer Okoth Rakwach, warned the residents that the unhygienic condition of the markets exposed them to health risks adding: “ I have realised that our local markets have been neglected and no cleaning has been taking place exposing our women and children to diseases in spite of the hard economic times.”

Rakwach said that in line with the adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ he has rolled out a cleaning campaign targeting the markets as a way of giving back to society. “The markets cleaning programme include smaller markets in Kolwa area such as Lusi,” Eng. Rakwach added.

He appealed to residents to support the initiative for its success, “I urge the residents especially the youth to support this initiative.”

On their part, the residents committed to fully support the exercise that they said would keep diseases that resort from unsanitary environments such as cholera and dysentery at bay. “As locals, we want to say that the engineer is doing a good job and we fully support him,” a resident said.

Eng Rakwach and the residents were speaking while cleaning Orongo market. Earlier they cleaned Angola and Chiga markets.

By Milton Onyango

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