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Residents urged to keep-off overflowing River Tana

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) urged Tana River County residents to keep off the overflowing river Tana and other water sources that are inhabited by crocodiles and hippopotamus to avoid being attacked by the animals.

Speaking at Miembeni area in Hola, the County Warden Aisha Chunaa said that the overflowing rivers, following the ongoing rainfall in the county, have crocodiles and hippos that are dangerous to human beings and therefore should be avoided in order to avoid risk of being attacked.

The Warden urged those fetching water from river Tana to do so in groups because the crocodiles are scared when they see many people but one person can be easily attacked.

Ms Chunaa cautioned children against swimming in the rivers because they risk being attacked and killed by the animals.

She also advised those bathing and washing clothes along river Tana to desist and instead carry water to safe areas far away from the river because they risk being attacked when washing near the river.

The warden pointed out that the river is currently dangerous from Tana River/Garissa Bridge to Kipini in the Indian Ocean due to the crocodiles and hippos.

By Simon Guruba

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