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Residents urged to participate in budget making process

The  Busia Governor, Sospeter  Ojaamong has urged the local residents to actively participate in the budget making process.

Speaking  after attending a public participation forum at Busia  Agricultural Training Centre on Monday, Ojaamong noted that public participation in the County was very low.

“The  members of the public were supposed to have come up with budget proposals against that of the executive,” he  said, adding that locals did not present any.

He added that the County Government could not be able to improve the current bus park since it was located on a parcel of land belonging to a private developer.

“Some people have been complaining about the poor state of the bus stage and I expected a proposal to mandate the county government to purchase the parcel from the private developer and suggest the amount to be used,” he said.

The  governor said that the County Fiscal Strategy Paper is targeting Sh.7 billion which is the anticipated revenue for financial year 2020/2021.

Participants at the forum complained that the budget estimates were alarming as compared to the project implementation.

They at the same time, demanded for copies of the CFSP so that they could analyse it and make some recommendations.

The  exercise which was expected to last for two days saw different County Government Departments present their budget projections for the next financial year and reports on 2018/2019 financial year.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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