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Residents volunteer details of people behind selling of illicit brews and bhang

Residents of Wangu ward in Murang’a County secretly volunteered details of the people they suspect to be behind selling and trafficking illicit brews and bhang in the area.

The residents who gathered at Koimbi grounds wrote names of the suspects and dropped the papers in boxes which were handed to the County Police Commander.

In an exercise organized by Director of Ahadi Kenya Trust, Dr. Stanley Kamau, the residents requested police to investigate those whose names were given, claiming the area has been affected by many cases of trafficking of bhang and brewing of illicit liquor.

They claimed by giving names of the suspects secretly, police should hasten investigation and prosecute those found behind the menace.

Kamau noted that he opted to come up with the method of providing a platform to members of the community to give out the names saying the people behind selling illicit liquor and bhang are locally known.

The named individuals, Kamau said should be investigated by the police those and those found culpable prosecuted.

“There is a need to change ways of fighting excessive illicit alcohol and bhang in this region. Involving members of the public will effectively eliminate the menace. The locals are conversant with those selling the illicit brews and I know secretly they will name them,” added Kamau.

He stated that some of the individuals were mentioned more than 20 times urging police to ensure the information was handled in confidence and culprits put to book.

He decried that many young people in Murang’a have indulged themselves in alcoholism making them irresponsible and unproductive. “I call on the security agents to join hands with members of the public in the fight against the killer brews.”

Wangu Assistant County Commissioner Beatrice Kibelekenya on her part asked the locals not to be malicious when giving information of the people behind selling of the brews and drugs.

She said security officers are committed to end the problem adding that scores of suspects selling bhang and illicit brews have been arraigned in court.

“For past three weeks, we have taken to court several individuals who were found with the illicit brews and bhang. Some of them have been convicted,” she added.

The County Police Commander David Mathiu speaking after receiving the boxes containing the names given assured the residents that they will do thorough investigations and apprehend the culprits.

He lauded the exercise calling members of the public to continue volunteering information that will make the war against the brews and drugs successful.

“Within a period of two weeks, we will be through with the investigations and apprehend those we will find to be behind the criminal activities. Let this exercise be done in other parts of the county so as to eliminate the killer brews and bhang which have destroyed lives of our people,” he added.

By Bernard Munyao

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