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Residents warned of possible floods as Ndakaini dam spills off

The  Spillage at Ndakaini Dam following heavy downpour experienced in the area on Tuesday December 17, 2019. Photo by Bernard Munyao/KNA.

The  Water  at  Ndakaini Dam started to spill off as authorities caution people living downstream of possible floods.

From  Saturday  last week, spillage  was witnessed in the dam which holds a capacity of 70 million cubic metres of water.

Authorities  have allayed fears that the dam can burst its banks indicating that the dam is technically constructed and spillage is channeled to rivers Thika and Chania.

On  Tuesday, the Murang’a governor, Mwangi wa Iria led a team of officials to visit the dam located in upper parts of Gatanga Sub county to assess its current state.

The governor said the dam is safe but issued a warning to people living in lower parts of the county, including Ithanga and Ngelyelia and parts of neighbouring counties to be wary of possible floods.

Some  families who live closer to banks of the two rivers were advised to move to safer places to avert disaster.

Wa Iria blamed the ministry of Water and Irrigation of failing to take necessary strategies to utilise spillage water, saying many county residents lack  piped water.

With  the spillage, the governor wondered why there is still water shortage in parts of Nairobi city county, which is main consumer of the water from  Ndakaini dam.

“The  dam is filled to capacity but we have nothing to worry as the facility is well constructed. We however fear of possible flooding at lower parts of the county,” said Wa Iria.

The  two rivers  where the spillage flow to, are said to have swollen thus families living near the rivers may be affected.

The dam is the main water reservoir for Nairobi and its environs but locals complain of lack of clean water despite the facility being located in their locality.

Wa Iria

said the measures should be employed to ensure spillage water does not go to waste but utilised to provide locals with clean domestic water.

The  Dam Coordinator, Job Kihamba observed that if the rains will reduce in coming days, the spillage will be minimal.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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