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Restoration of Old Town Hall building underway

The restoration work of the iconic Old Town Hall building, whose roof caved in last year, is underway under the supervision of the County Government of Nakuru.

While announcing that the progress of giving the historic building a new look was at 30 per cent completion, City Manager Gitau Thabanja was confident that the work will be completed on time.

“The refurbishment of the facility, which is a historical landmark in Nakuru City, will ensure the preservation of the building for future generations. It will be equipped with resilient features to withstand harsh weather conditions,” he said.

Thabanja added that the contractor had confirmed his commitment to working closely with the City Board’s project monitoring and evaluation team to ensure that the project is implemented to quality standards and within the contractual period.

Once the refurbishment is finished, the Old Town Hall will not only stand as a restored architectural marvel but also serve as an invaluable educational tool for future generations to learn about Kenya’s rich heritage. Additionally, the hall has long been cherished by local residents as a venue for hosting events and community meetings.

Kevin Ondongo lauded the dedicated work being carried out on the hall and offered words of encouragement, saying, “Keep up the good work.”

Learning from the past, the renovated Old Town Hall will incorporate robust foundations capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. By prioritising durability and safety, the local authorities aim to prevent similar incidents in the future.

“The contractor is committed to maintaining close collaboration with relevant authorities throughout the project, ensuring that the refurbishment adheres to the highest quality standards within the designated contract period,” Thabanja said.

Their dedication to excellence guarantees that Nakuru Town’s Old Town Hall will regain its former glory while safeguarding its historical value for years to come,” he added.

Previously designated as a national monument, the hall was temporarily closed to the public to undergo necessary preservation and restoration work.

By Anne Sabuni and Samuel Karanja

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