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Vulnerable persons receive free ride to polling station

Hundreds of bodaboda riders from Mitunguu ward, Meru County assisted in ferrying vulnerable people to their polling stations to cast their votes.

According to Edwin Mawira, Mitunguu Bodaboda Riders Association chairman, the riders assisted the sick, elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities with transport to access their polling stations to cast their votes.

Mawira noted that elections are a national exercise that each and every citizen who has attained the age of 18 should participate.

“We recognize that in our community we have vulnerable people and it is our duty to assist and support them to exercise their national duty,” he said, adding that every individual has a role to play in assisting vulnerable persons.

Mawira noted that bodaboda riders played a very important role in the transport sector hence the need to engage them to ferry the vulnerable persons to cast their votes.

“I urge every bodaboda rider from Meru  County, as you go out to vote  kindly  give  a lift to  at least two vulnerable  persons living   within your  locality this  will ensure  that  all persons  vote,” he said.

Mawira called on residents to come out in masses to vote and to embrace peace during and after elections.

“Today it could have been very difficult for me to access the polling station with my wheel chair,” an elated Gatobu Mugambi said while thanking riders for the kind gesture.

He called on residents to choose leaders who are God fearing and conscious on bringing development projects into the country.

By Muguongo Judy

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