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Rights Activists Fault County Over Covid19 Preparedness.

Human right organizations in Homa-Bay County have faulted the county

government for lack of preparedness to fight the spread of Corona Virus,
citing lack of trained personnel and Personal Protective Equipment in
the facilities.

The Homa-Bay County Bunge La Wenye Nchi led by Walter Opiyo and his
Interface Community Help Desk counterpart Evans Oloo Gor expressed
fear that the fight against the spread of the COVID 19 in the county
will not be realised unless there is adequate preparation to combat
the virus.
Speaking to press in Homa-Bay town, the duo claimed that the county
government has not trained medics to handle the suspected cases of
COVID 19, claiming that the nurses and doctors are not provided with
personal protective gears.

On his part Opiyo alleged that Malela dispensary in Ndhiwa
constituency with 16 bed capacity which was identified as isolation
centre for COVID 19 cases across the county does not meet the merit to
host the patients.

The duo called on governor Cyprian Awiti to come out and address the
public on the county preparedness on fight against the spread of the
virus instead of leaving the responsibility with the county
commissioner David Kipkemei alone.

Oloo claimed that most of the public health facilities across the
county are not ready to handle the suspected cases due to lack of
preparedness by the county government administration.

However contacted for comments, Governor Cyprian Awiti denied the
claims, saying the county government has trained over 28 medics to
handle the patients, adding that the facilities including Malela
isolation centre are fully equipped to receive cases.

By Dan Oduor and Davis Langat

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