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Rising Covid-19 infections gets County worried, fears getting overwhelmed

The Kiambu Governor, James Nyoro flagging off Sh.30 million worth of food donations in Ruiru town on Monday August 3, 2020. The donations will be distributed through local Wards Reps and is set to benefit 15,000 needy households. Photo by KNA.

The  rising Covid-19 numbers in Kiambu County has got the county government worried, with Governor James Nyoro in a rush to achieve 1,200 isolation bed capacity by mid-September to prevent the County from getting overwhelmed.

This is after model projections that the County’s September and December Covid-19 infections will be in excess of 1,500 and 2,000 cases, completely overriding the 530 isolations beds that the county currently has.

Among the interventions include increasing the Tigoni Covid-19 Isolation centre in Limuru by 100 beds. Another 100 beds will be put in the newly constructed Wangige Hospital in Kabete.

The county also plans to construct another 100-beds capacity Covid-19 hospital in Ruiru, with support of local industrialists. The County will contribute Sh.60million and its groundbreaking is expected next week.

Nyoro said they are in the process of hiring 112 health care workers and 12 critical care nurses and ICU specialists.

He said the rising Covid-19 cases were worrying, and might overwhelm its health system, and called for strict adherence to MoH Covid-19 regulations in bars, hotels, public places and matatus to bring the numbers down.

By Monday, the County had 1,550 Covid-19 cases and 40 deaths.

“Last week, we had 108 Covid-19 patients at Tigoni isolation centre, but by Monday, only 23 beds were occupied. The rest had recovered and were released to go home. These are the efforts we are doing to save lives,” said Nyoro.

He said if the numbers were to increase to over 1,000, they may be overwhelmed due to lack of adequate beds, health professionals and funds to manage the cases.

He said the spike in the number of infections had forced the County to stop admitting asymptomatic patients to free space for those with mild and severe symptoms.

“That is why we need to bring the numbers to manageable levels. If we are to hit numbers projected by the models, then where shall we get the beds, health workers and funds to manage the cases?” he said.

He was speaking while flagging off the distribution of Sh.30million foodstuffs in Ruiru town on Monday.

Among the foodstuffs distributed are 25 tons of beans, 130 maize flour, 26 cooking oil, 26 porridge flour to benefit 15,000 needy families.

By  Muoki Charles

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