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Rubbish dumped in front of hotel over unsettled bills

There was drama as a cabbage collector from Mash cleaners on Saturday ferried a lorry full of trash and disposed it in front of Leopard Beach Resort and Spa in Diani in protest of unsettled four months bills of more than Sh.200, 000.

The owner Gideon Kibindu said he has not been paid for his services since November 2018 resorting means to draw the attention of the hotel management to his plight.

He said he had not paid staff because the hotel had not paid him for services offered citing poor business.

Kibindu said he has worked for leopard hotel for over four years and efforts to settle the arrears proved futile.

“It is now four years, and our payment terms of late have not been good,” he said.

According to him, their contract was terminated in March 2019 after the hotel failed to pay the balances.

Kibindu said the work was assigned to another sub-contractor leaving them stranded with nothing to take home.

He condemned the hotel for failing to address the issue claiming they deserved better.

“This is injustice in the sense that we have offered our services and they decide not to pay us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kibindu has threatened to be dumping waste in front of the tourist hotel weekly until the management decides to settle the outstanding amount.

The leopard management refused to comment on the issue when reached out by journalists saying they will issue an official statement next week.

Governor Salim Mvurya last month had promised to solve labour disputes arising between hotels and employees in Kwale County.

The county tourism minister Nasib Nyahi urged workers to be submitting complaints in his office before taking the matter into their own hands.

“We are aware of many cases where hotel employees and those who offer other services are not paid on time but I urge all aggrieved parties to air their grievances through the right channels” he said.

By Hussein Abdullahi


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