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Sacco opens its 10th branch in Narok

Imarisha Sacco has officially opened its 10th branch in Narok County in its effort of expanding its business operations in the country.

The Sacco that was ranked position eight by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SSRA) this year, has assets amounting to over Sh. 16.1 Billion, spreading across seven counties.

Imarisha Sacco Chairman, Mathew Ruto, said their growth is based on the many pocket friendly products they offer to their customers.

“We have increased our loans from three times to five times of the individual shares. This was a response to a request made by the members,” he said, adding that this has made their clients build faith in the Sacco.

The Chairman added that the society is in the process of opening four other branches in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kilgoris and Kisumu, where they have many customers.

“We are moving to regions where we have a lot of customers but no office. We are looking forward in opening the four branches in the next one month in a bid to improve our services to our members,” he said.

The secrets behind our good performance, he said, is because of recruiting many more members and the friendly products the Sacco offers to its members.

He invited farmers, businesspersons, employees in different sectors to invest in the Sacco, saying their loan interest ranges from Nine (9) to twelve (12) per cent annually and are very competitive.

“As at August last year, we had assets base amounting to Sh.14 Billion and in August this year, our assets have increased to Sh. 16.1 billion. This one came about after the marketing we have done,” he said.

Narok County Executive Committee (CEC) Member Ezekiel Rono in charge of devolution and administration said, the Sacco will transform the living standards of many young entrepreneurs.

“I ask all business communities and young people to invest in Imarisha Sacco so that they can access loans and capital to start and expand their businesses easily.

By Ann Salaton

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