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Safaricom Foundation donates hearing aid machine to disability centre

Disability Resource and Information Centre [DRIC] in Naivasha town received a hearing aid machine that will help address high cases of hearing loss incidences being reported in the area.

Speaking during the handover of the machine, Safaricom Team Leader, Willan Gitau said the hearing diagnosing equipment will improve on the much needed infrastructure required to detect and diagnose hearing loss problems among the locals in order for them to get specialized treatment on time.

Gitau said the disability assessment facility will be open to all persons noting that Safaricom aims to support the health needs and

Cornelias Mwanza, a Clinical Audiologist, attends to, Josephat Kimemia, using the new Audiometer at Disability Resource & Information Centre (DRIC) in Naivasha. Also present is, the Project Champion, John Mburu Mwangi (second left), Safaricom Team Leader, Willan Njenga and Naivasha Member of National Assembly, Hon. Jane Kihara. Photo by Erastus Gichohi

easier access to medical facilities within communities across the country.

According to Dr. Cornelius Mwanza, a Clinical Audiologist, the automated audiometer will help the doctors to measure and understand the intensity and the tone of sounds, balance issues, and other issues related to the function of the inner ear more easily and promptly.

Dr. Mwanza said high incidences of human ear loss being reported at the DRIC centre has been attributed to high levels of dust within Naivasha and its environs noting that an average of 7 patients with hearing conditions are attended to in a day.

Dr. Mwanza said high levels of dust accelerate human ear loss problems through its gradual accumulation in the ear canal which blocks the sound to the ear drum causing impairment.

The Audiologist added that hearing loss may also occur due to injury to the ear, regular exposure to loud noises or a ruptured eardrum.

Dr. Mwanza however advised residents to ensure regular cleaning of ears noting that the practice can arrest future increase in hearing impairments.

According to Lucy Gathoni of Safaricom, the new audiometer will help detect and diagnose human loss problems in patients on time which will enable them to get early treatment and arrest full damage to the ears.

Safaricom also donated school desks and lockers at Kongoni Resource Centre which houses students living with disabilities as part of the company’s efforts in supporting the special group.

Ms. Gathoni said children living with disabilities should be supported to better their education noting that companies and governments have already put necessary policies for their inclusion in the job market.

Area MP, Jane Kihara lauded the move to equip the DRIC facility with the machine noting that it will be more accessible to residents who have otherwise been seeking the services in Nakuru.

The MP consequently called on support from other partners to channel resources which will help address the challenges faced by the PWDs in the society.

By Erastus Gichohi

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