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Salon and barber shops in Murang’a decry hard times

Salon operators and barbers in Murang’a held a peaceful demonstration Friday requesting the local county government to lift the ban on their businesses.
They noted that since their operations were suspended three weeks ago, they have suffered untold miseries.
They claimed that they have nothing to provide for their families as they used to get their daily bread from their work stations that have now been closed down.
One of the barbers, Julius Mwaura said he had a wife and three children to feed besides house rent to be paid.
Subsequently, Mwaura sent a passionate plea to the area governor Mwangi wa Iria to consider lifting the ban saying that as players in the field, they would strive to adhere to all guidelines given by the ministry of health to help combat spread of Covid -19.
On the other hand, a salon operator Rebecca Wanja argued that after her business was closed down, she has been reduced to beggar as she depends on her friends to fend for for her family.
“I used to get money for family expenses from my salon. After the recent drastic action by the county government to suspend our businesses we have been struggling to feed our children,” she said.
Wanja wondered why the devolved administration found it prudent to ban their operations without coming up with remedial measures to cushion them from lack of food among other basic necessities.
“I am duly scared that I may be chased out my house since have not paid rent for last month,” she lamented.
Among other businesses shelved by the Murang’a county government in effort to control potential spread of coronavirus include bars and hotels.
But in a swift rejoinder, the governor reiterated that barber shops and salons posed a risk at this time of the global pandemic, since at both salons and barber shops it was extremely difficult to observe social distancing, since they needed to be much closer to their customers.
“The guideline on social distancing was issued by the ministry of health. How can you shave a person when you are a metre away? posed Wa Iria.
He said it may not be tenable to reverse the ban at the moment as cases of covid-19 continue to increase countrywide.
“I appeal to the affected business persons to remain calm and wait for further directive, upon wide consultations with the ministry of health on social distancing, especially it when comes to salons and barber shops,” added Wa Iria.

By Bernard Munyao

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