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Samaritans seek help to trace family of lost teenager

A family in Nyagacho area at the outskirts of Kericho Town is appealing for help from well-wishers to help trace the family of a 20-year-old girl who has been living with them for the last six months.

Kenya News Agency has established that Yusuf Ombui rescued Miriam Teto Kitaiko who was mentally retarded from the streets of Kericho Town where it is alleged that she was defiled several times by strangers.

“Teto was in a worse state than she is currently. She used to walk naked in the streets and because I was moved by compassion, I decided to take her home with me where my sister and daughters take care of her,” said Ombui

Ombui further said that Teto whom they have established is from Narok lived in the streets for more than a year before he took her in to live with her.

He further said that as a result of psychological treatment she has been undergoing, she is now able to remember a few things including the names of her parents.

“My mother’s name is Sarah Nelande Kitaika and my father’s name is Joseph Saitoti. They live in Narok at a place called Total – Ngoswanik near Full Gospel Church,” said Teto.

According to Josephine Kemunto, sister to Ombui, Teto had been enrolled as a student at Maasai Mara University before escaping to Kericho Town in 2019.

“We found out that she got into depression after giving birth and that is why she escaped to Kericho but we are hoping we will be able to trace her family,” Kemunto said.

At the same time, Kemunto and Ombui have since reported the matter to the police who up to now have not been successful in tracing Teto’s parents whom they believe are in Narok just as she has been telling them.

Meanwhile, Kemunto and Ombui have promised to continue taking good care of Teto and providing psychological medical treatment she needs until she finally reunites with her family.

“This girl is just like my daughter. I love her and I will continue protecting her just like I do protect my own children and I am appealing to anyone who might know her parents or relatives to get in touch with us through Nyagacho Police Station here in Kericho,” said Ombui.

By Kibe Mburu

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