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Samburu county government to give herders 1,000 camels

Samburu county government has bought 1,000 camels for distribution to herders in a bid to cushion them from drought and the ongoing locust invasion.

Area governor Moses Lenolkulal Speaking Saturday at the Allamano grounds in Maralal town after receiving donations of foodstuff, masks and hand washing equipment from the Kenya Drylands Education Fund (KDEF) noted that herders’ livelihood has been threatened by diminished pasture due to locust invasion.

He said that the worst hit areas are Samburu North and Samburu East where 95 percent of the local population depend on livestock herding.

“500 camels will be distributed in Samburu North and the other 500 will be distributed to Samburu East through village elders who will identify the most vulnerable households,” he said.

The governor also said that his administration has bought food worth Sh. 24 million to be distributed to the county residents from June 2020.

“We are working with the World Food Program (WFP) which will assist us in distrusting the food to the furthest corner of the county,” the governor said.

KDEF Chief Executive Officer and founder Mr. Ahmed Kura said that the foodstuffs, masks and hand washing kits will be distributed to 200 families living in Maralal town.

The governor urged residents to take a personal initiative in protecting themselves against Coronavirus by wearing masks, washing hands and staying at home.

By Robert Githu

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