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Same sex marriage unacceptable in the Bible and Constitution

Head of Anglican Church in Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has criticized same sex marriage terming it illegal and against the Holy Bible and Constitution of Kenya.
Archbishop Sapit said that the law is clear that no marriage of the same sex is accepted but the magistrates and civil societies have been favouring few individuals who have foreign masters’ interest to champion the gay nuptials.
The head of ACK said that gay and lesbian marriages are not accepted in Kenya according to constitution but financial influence by some civil society groups are out to entice young people into the practice.
He also blamed the new education policy, which introduces comprehensive sex education saying it was wrong to introduce the subject at lower level, which would deceive young people into bizarre behaviour that is not accepted by the societies.
Archbishop Sapit said introducing sex subject at primary school level would influence their habits and develop bad behaviour.
On the current debate to reduce the age of consent from 18 to 16 years, the ACK head said marriage should remain 18 and those forcing young girls to get spouses should be dealt with according to the law.
On corruption, the archbishop said that the concerned agencies should deal with the people and the money banked in foreign accounts returned to Kenya to repay loan and improve the economy.
Speaking in Isiolo Wednesday, Ole Sapit said the fight against corruption should be done in good faith and should not be politicized adding those stealing the funds did so without involving their communities.
He appealed to the government to beef up security in northern Kenya for the sake of peace, unity and development for future generation.
Responding to questions relating to skirmishes at Modogashe where two people lost lives and 12 years old boy injured in Modogashe town at the border of Isiolo and Garissa Counties, the Archbishop said the government should deploy more security personnel from both sides to firmly deal with insecurity.
He called upon the locals to maintain peace and respect their neighbours if they want peace for the future generations.
By Abduba Mamo

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