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Sapit urges state to ease the tax burden

The  Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop, Jackson Ole Sapit has urged the Government to ease the tax burden on citizens and reduce the appetite for borrowing.

Sapit  expressed concern that heavy taxation on the common man and spiraling public debt was impacting negatively on economic growth.

Addressing  the press in Homa-Bay  town over the weekend, Sapit  said the heavy taxation will make Kenyans poorer, adding that it hinders investment which is key for economic stability.

He  called for prudent utilization of available resources and zero tolerance to corruption to improve the livelihood of Kenyans.

The  Archbishop commended the Catholics for joining them in barring politics in churches and ensuring that politicians do not use their donations in churches to promote their political pursuits instead of serving God.

By  Davis Langat

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