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Say No to Same Sex Relations Says Deputy Governor 

Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany has sharply opposed the same-sex sexuality and gender nonconformity, terming it ungodly and against Biblical doctrine.

Speaking today to religious   Kaptama, Mt Elgon, Pastor Mbatiany joined other clergy in calling out those engaging in homesexuality saying it  should not be condoned.

“Let us not trivialize this issue. We are losing our children to ungodly practices. We need to have a candid conversation around this matter to secure the future of our offspring,” she said.

She called on religious leaders to be on the forefront, join hands and instill order and morality in the society.

“This is a huge task. It is our sole responsibility as the clergy to bring the society to order. We should not fold our hands and watch the society rote in illicit practices,” she observed.

Mbatiany further urged Kenyans to pray for the country amid hard prevailing economic times while calling out on the opposition to accord President William Ruto ample time to execute his mandate to the people and revive the country’s economy.

“Allow the President to steer the country’s economy and give him ample time to deliver on his manifesto. Staging demonstrations will only plunge the country into chaos. Oversight but with moderation,” she noted.

Mbatiany used the opportunity to contribute to the infrastructural development of the church.

MCA present included Francis Chemion (Kaptama), Bonface Cheloti (Saboti), David Kapoloman, Godwin Ndege, OCPD Matete and Beaufort Chibule.

By Douglas Mudambo


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