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School collaborates with bodaboda riders to track students

Meteitei High school in Nandi County has partnered with local bodaboda operators to track students in a bid to curb misconduct and indiscipline among learners.

The deal follows rampant cases of students sneaking out of school. Under the new partnership, the school board of management will use riders plying the Timboroa-Meteitei highway for surveillance.

The riders will also help monitor the movement and activities of learners and immediately alert the school about any suspicious behaviour, after checking whether the students leaving the school have gate passes.

“Because of frequent unrest and disciplinary issues among learners, the board has resolved to engage key players in the local transport sector to monitor our students,” said the school’s Senior Principal Barnabas Too.

Bodaboda is the main means of transport in the region owing to the rough terrain of Tinderet Constituency.

One of the bodaboda rider Erick Kiptanui who normally packs outside the school gate said they would significantly offer security, monitor and identify students loitering in the villages and report to the school as soon as possible.

“We want our school to be an academic giant with students who are well disciplined,” he said.

The Extra County School has 1,564 students. The school was founded 42 years ago by the late Joseph Letting, the head of Civil Service during President Daniel Moi’s regime.

Nandi County Director of Education Zachary Mutuiri noted that the new style of cooperation between the school management and riders is unique and would positively impact school’s academic performance and curb unrest among students.

“The riders will play a key role in ensuring our students are safe outside school and also ensure they don’t indulge in some funny activities,” he said.

Nandi County Commissioner Herman Shambi said bodaboda operators are also parents and they would help greatly in education matters and security pertaining to our learners.

“We should embrace and involve riders in community projects like Meteitei school since they are very useful people in the society,” he said.

By Linet Wafula

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