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Schools usher in CBC curriculum with optimism

Primary school managers and parents in the Gusii region have expressed optimism that the shift from the 844 system to Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) would provide better success to learners as it was more individual-centred, unlike the existing grading system.

Speaking separately in Kisii and Nyamira counties, the managers said the 844 system failed to nurture the learners’ different skills and talents to enable them to fit into the changing world as it only focused on education performance, which exerted pressure on pupils.

St. Andrews Kaggwa Boys (in Nyamira) Director Peter Nyamweya said the school had fully embraced the ongoing new curriculum, saying it would render better results for future generations.

Nyamweya applauded the parents and teachers in the school for their support and urged them to continue the teamwork, which went a long way towards ensuring good results for the final KCPE candidates in the just-released national examination results.

The class, which he termed as the best performing since the first KCPE class 21 years ago, had 44 out of the 184 students scoring 400 and above marks.

Douglass Nyaanga, a parent at the school, called for unity between teachers, parents, the government, and learners in a bid to achieve the best in the CBC.

Director Zachary Onduso Olympic Junior Primary School in Bobasi constituency, Kisii County, said he welcomed the new system and was expecting it to produce better and more useful members in society.

Onduso noted the uniqueness of every human being, saying that unearthing their potential would make a better society.

At least 90% of the candidates at the school managed 350 marks and above.

Borabu Moma Academy (in Borabu) Director Mary Stella Mogusu said she expected all learners to succeed in life through the new curriculum.

The best student at the school scored 393 marks, with the rest garnering more than 350.

Maxwell Academy campus Primary School Director Tom Nyagaka called for a concerted effort to ensure effective services to the learners in both private and public schools.

Nyagaka said enough learning materials were needed for the success of the CBC.

By Jane Naitore

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