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Scouts trained on environmental conservation

Scouts from Kirinyaga Central have been taught the importance of environment conservation through planting of trees.

Over 1000 scouts from various primary and secondary schools converged at Kerugoya Stadium for a one-day event where they planted indigenous trees around the stadium.

Led by County Scouts Commissioner Sarah Mugo, and Sub-county counterpart, Idi Ibrahaman, they said that they want to ensure tree cover hits 30 per cent by 2030 from current 26 per cent.

Mugo said they are targeting the younger generation so that they can make environmental conservation part of their life as they grow. She also said as scouts’ leaders they will be doing such training every year.

“We are training our scouts on the need to conserve the environment. They are young children and we want them to grow appreciating our environment. This is an annual event and we shall be taking advantage of rainy seasons to plant trees as much as possible,” Mugo said.

Kirinyaga Central Sub County Scout Commissioner Idi Ibrahaman said they will be planting trees in schools and any other designated place to ensure they maintain existing tree cover as well as expanding it.

He noted they are planting trees which are friendly to food crops. He called for more stakeholders to partner with them to mitigate climate change and global warming. “We are planting trees in schools and other areas including forests so that we are conserving and expanding tree cover simultaneously,” Ibrahaman said.

“Also, as part of our training, we are planting trees which have no effects on the food crops in our farms and we need more partners to fight climate change and global warming,” he added.

Abunus Katiwa from Kenya forest Services said unpredictable weather conditions have been a challenge in maintaining the trees planted. He said they will be targeting rainy seasons or plants only that can be raised through regular watering during dry seasons.

He said they have received support from organizations like: Rainforest Alliance, Nature Kenya, One Acre Fund and Equity Bank to ensure the success of forest conservation activities.

“We are planting a few seedlings today because of unpredictable weather. Now have little rains we must be able to water them. We appreciate all those who have come to assist us like Equity, Rainforest Alliance, Nature Kenya and One Acre Fund for their contributions toward these environmental activities,” Katiwa noted.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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