Senate induction convention commences in Naivasha

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There is need for senators to be facilitated in order to be effective in their role of oversighting the County Governments, new Senate Speaker Mr. Amason Jeffa Kingi has said.

Mr. Kingi denied allegations that the senators were lobbying to increase their allowances explaining they were just being facilitated in order to effectively monitor how the devolved funds are used, their core mandate being to oversight the county governments.

“Senators need some funds to facilitate them to move around their counties otherwise wananchi will blame them for not oversighting the use of their funds and giving. Giving them these oversight duties without funding is like sending a soldier to the battle field with a gun but without bullets,” he said.

The Speaker said in his 10 years as the governor of Kilifi County, he had to occasionally fuel his senator`s vehicle in order for him to go around the county to monitor implementation of various projects. Mr. Kingi however said the amount of facilitation to be given to the senators will be determined by various government bodies.

The incoming Senate has been pushing to be given some funds to facilitate them as they move around the counties in carrying out oversight roles.

On rivalry that has been witnessed between the previous Senate and National Assembly, the Senate Speaker said he has been in talks with his National Assembly Counterpart Mr. Moses Wetangula in order to see how both Houses can work together to pass the required legislations for the benefit of ordinary Kenyans.

Mr. Kingi was speaking on Tuesday in Naivasha during the start of a four-day induction for the new senators.

The senators will be inducted on how the business of the House is conducted and the roles of the Senate. They will also be enlightened on the relationship between the Senate and the National Assembly and other Government bodies as well as the country`s foreign policy among other issues.

By Mabel Keya – Shikuku

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