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Senator calls for dialogue over civil servants’ salary review

Migori County Senator George Ochilo Ayacko has called on the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to dialogue with civil servant’s trade unions to resolve the salary and allowances review suspension dispute.

Ayacko said the trade unions officials should seek proper dialogue with the SRC in order to enable them reach an amicable solution that will prevent any future strikes and boycotts.

Speaking during an interview with KNA in Migori town, the Senator noted that any kind of work disruption at this juncture will only aggravate the country’s current economic turmoil.

However, he admitted that the country’s economy is going through hard times and call on all Kenyans to bear with the situation, even as experts find a working solution to lift the economy ravaged by Covid-19.

Ayacko believes that it’s quite difficult to contend with SRC’s advice from the National Treasury to freeze yearly salary review freeze as this will hurt lowly paid employees, who are already being ravaged harsh economic realities occasioned by the pandemic.

The Senator said though public servants may consider the proposal to freeze salaries review as a key step towards salvaging the country’s battered economy, SRC must seek workable and agreed solutions to the impasse.

The Senator blamed prevailing pandemic and the soaring debts as major reasons for the struggling economy, but reiterated that an amicable solution should be reached between the workers and the employer.

On delayed disbursement of funds to the counties, Ayacko challenged the county governments to ensure prudent use of the limited available resources and prioritize essential services like health.

By Geoffrey Satia

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