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Senator donates sanitisation booths to residents.

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua on Saturday donated a sanitisation booth to residents of the large Mwingi region of Kitui County to help fight the spread of deadly coronavirus.
The only sanitisation booth in the region was located at Mwingi town and is set to serve entire residents of the large Mwingi region. The booth will help especially in disinfecting clothes which can increase chances of spreading the coronavirus.
Speaking while presenting the booth to the Mwingi town residents, Senator Wambua urged the residents to observe the regulations set by the national government to help fight the deadly disease.
He further requested the county government under governor Charity Ngilu to assist in purchasing similar sanitisation booths to local residents across the county in order to conquer the disease and minimise chances of the covid-19 infections.
The booth is located at Mwingi town open-air market and those entering the market are required to pass through the booth for sanitisation.
Earlier, the senator donated a similar sanitisation booth at Kabati market in Kitui west constituency.
“Tomorrow I will donate a third sanitisation booth at Kitui town,” Wambua said.
By Denson Mututo.

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