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Senator Faults Counties Over Abuse of Funds

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura wants governors to use money allocated to their respective counties appropriately so that it may have the required impact and benefit the common mwananchi.

The Senator who spoke at Hosanna Primary School in Narok North Sub County Friday said it is unfortunate that even after the intensified debate on the division of revenue to the counties, some governors use the money for their own selfish gain, without benefitting the intended people.

“What is the need for us to fight for this money to come to the counties only for the governors pocket it? We are asking the governors to spend the money for the growth of their respective counties as most of this money finds its way back to Nairobi,” he said.

The senator was in Narok for a tree planting exercise organized by the Rotary Club where they planted bamboos, Cyprus and tree tomatoes.

He hoped that a solution would be reached on Monday when the senate meets again saying it was a shame for the upper house to debate the same thing for eight times without coming up with an amicable solution.

“It is regrettable that we senators have spent a lot of time debating on this issue of revenue division to the counties; it’s my hope that this stalemate will end soon to enable the counties move on,” added Mwaura.

The senator lamented that some of his parliamentary colleagues had brought the 2022 politics in the house which has contributed to the delay in getting a solution.

“We have battled for a long time and it is time we get a solution for the benefit of all Kenyans. When God created us and positioned us in various counties he was not wrong, that is why we should be fair to everyone by coming up with a solution that will benefit everybody,” he reiterated.

The senator said though he supports the ‘one man, one vote, one-shilling formula’ he is not opposed to any other method that would benefit all the counties.

On the monies given to fight the novel Coronavirus, Mwaura called for a serious audit of the funds so as to ensure the money is used for the intended purpose.

“It’s a pity that some people can even steal money meant for Covid-19, when people are suffering, this is not acceptable at all,” said Mwaura.

By Ann Salaton

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