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Senator Mwaura encourages PWDs to participate in National Issues

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has encouraged Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) to actively participate in development activities in the country in order to make it easier for their voices be heard.

Mwaura, who is also the Chairman of Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK), urged PWDs not to shy away from engaging in national building, but rather see themselves as people who have something to contribute to the advancement of human society.

“Never ever apologize for being who you are, speak your mind because human excellence is only attained if people are able to question the status quo with a view to seeking solutions to the many problems bedevilling our country,” he said.

The senator who was speaking during the graduation ceremony for Beauty Point College in Nairobi, emphasized that persons living with disabilities just like the able-bodied people are capable of making great achievements.

During the event, the Albinism Society of Kenya also cited the achievements Kenya has made in advocating for Persons With Disabilities rights locally, regionally and internationally, including programs that empower the PWDs.

The Programs Officer (ASK), Daniel Shisia, said that they have been able to put up programs like Imarisha Masomo, Niko na Haki, Ajira, Nisikilize and Jisimamie to support persons living with disabilities in the 47 counties.

He noted that ASK through the National Council of Persons With Disabilities has been assisting persons living with albinism and suffering from skin cancer to receive medical care.

“Through support programs we also support children living with albinism from Kindergarten to tertiary level by creating awareness and offering counseling sessions to both parents and children,” he said.

Shisia commended companies that have incorporated persons with disabilities in their firms and also in doing advertisements.

“We shall continue to support our people and stand with them and ensure that they have that dignity that any other person deserves,” he added.

By Shalom Mbaa and Stacey Barasa

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